Oilfield and Trucking

Equipment List


Current Equipment Pricing List
Effective July 1, 2017

D8T Dozer/JD 1050 W/Operator _______________________ $250.00 Per Hour
D6R/T Dozer W/Winch & Operator______________________ $160.00 Per Hour
D6R/T Dozer W/Ripper & Operator______________________ $160.00 Per Hour
D4 Dozer W/Operator _______________________________ $125.00 Per Hour
Motorgrader W/Operator _____________________________ $150.00 Per Hour

Mixer/Soil Stabilizer_________________________________$3500.00 Per Day
613 Scraper W/Operator ______________________________ $165.00 Per Hour
623 Scraper W/Operator ______________________________ $250.00 Per Hour
Tractor & Pans _____________________________________ $275.00 Per Hour
Wheel Loader ______________________________________ $175.00 Per Hour
Equivalent Sized 325 CAT Trackhoe W/Operator______________ $160.00 Per Hour
Equivalent Sized 330 CAT Trackhoe W/Operator______________ $175.00 Per Hour
220 Komatsu Trackhoe W/Operator ______________________ $160.00 Per Hour
Rubber Tire Backhoe W/Operator ________________________ $90.00 Per Hour
84” Drum Roller W/Operator ___________________________ $100.00 Per Hour
84” Pad Foot Roller W/Operator__________________________$100.00 Per Hour
Three (3) Hour Minimum Move Time on
All Heavy Equipment (Plus Permit) ________________________$125.00 Per Hour
Dump Truck W/Backhoe and Operator _____________________ $145.00 Per Hour
Transport Tank Truck W/Operator ________________________ $110.00 Per Hour
Winch Truck W/Operator ______________________________ $115.00 Per Hour
Bobtail Truck W/Operator _____________________________ $100.00 Per Hour
10 Wheel Dump Truck W/Operator ________________________ $100.00 Per Hour
18 Wheel Dump Truck W/Operator ________________________ $110.00 Per Hour
Frac Tank Rental ____________________________________ $50.00 Per Day
Mud Pit Rental _____________________________________ $50.00 Per Day
Fresh Water ________________________________________ $.50 BBL
KCL ________________________________________ Call For Pricing
Saltwater & Flowback Disposal Fee ___________________ Call For Pricing


Equipment required and not listed above will be furnished on request, at a mutually agreed upon price.

Fuel and Insurance surcharges may be applicable in accordance to fuel and insurance prices. Surcharges for fuel, insurance and environmental cleaning and disposal may be added to each ticket in accordance to current prices.

Frac tanks, like any other rental item are the responsibility of the renter once the tank is ordered, the tank must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered. Any damages or loss of tanks is the responsibility of the renter. Anadarko Dozer & Trucking does not allow its tanks to be moved to a new location without notice or by outside contractors.